MeediOS 3.0

It is a program that manages your multimedia applications
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"MeediOS" or "Project MeediOS" is a free opensource project started by the community which aims to provide an excellent alternative to the closedsource Meedio. MeediOS has been built around a small core with an "everything is a plugin" ideology. MeediOS has also been designed from the beggining to support multiple user interfaces and the UPnp standard.

- Music - Tag file support for MP3, FLAC and WMA files
- Photos - Full support for EXIF and Adobe XMP tagging
- Videos - Support for external players - Launch any player you want for media. Also mounting of ISO images using a 3rd party app.
- TV - Archived and Recorded tv show support
- Multiple libraries - MeediOS allows for unlimited libraries and modules, this means you can separate your media collections any way you wish. Typical examples could be Movies, Kids Movies, Music DVDs, Stand up Comedy or how about Audio Albums, DJ sets, OSTs.
- Multi-UI interface - Allows you to have several different themes on different devices such as remote controls, tv, projector, LCD, Webpage
- Visual Themes - Change the overall look and feel of MeediOS with beautiful themes
- Image Themes - Change the icons in MeediOS
- Sound Themes - Change the menu sounds
- Language Themes - Translate any menu items, plugin properties, input devices to different languages
- Universal Plug in and play - Follows the international standard
- Web interface - Control MeediOS from a web API
- Pre and Post clip launching - Launch a selection of trailers or movie intros before or after the main presentation
- Full Fanart Support - Static or dynamic fanart on menu's and details screens
- Community support [website] - See popular music, tv shows and movies on MeediOS charts
- XML support - Backup or Restore your libraries in standard XML
- RSS support - Add RSS feeds to the main ticker or a media module
- Remote support - MCE remote, Gamepads or any HID device
- File importer - Support for virtually any file naming scheme for your media
- Schedualed Imports - Import your media at different times of the day
- Multi users - Log different users into MeediOS to show different menu items. Also has PIN number support to restrict certain items.
- ROM support - Import and Launch console emulators with ROM games
- Intelligent Music - Mixmee suite creates a playlist of similar sounding tracks from your music library
- DVDID support - Insert a DVD and grab the information automatically
- RS232 support - Control AV devices from MeediOS
- Trailer downloads - Stream or download new trailers from to display in your own library.
- Plugin repository [website] - Web based system for managing and downloading plugins linked to the forum

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